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Speeches & Seminars  Marketing Coaching/Consulting

Along with executive coaching, Scott Frothingham provides a variety of high impact offerings for start-up companies, growing small businesses, and established companies that needreal worldprofessional services. Helping clients grow and creating extraordinary value, Scott brings experience, creativity, integrity, analytical rigor, and a fund of fresh knowledge to every project -- that translates to fast and dramatic performance improvements.

"If you are in need of effective, efficient and practical means of enhancing your company’s sales or marketing efforts, Scott Frothingham is a superb source of guidance. His deep knowledge of, and experience in, both sales and marketing functions makes Scott a truly unique resource to anyone seeking to grow their business. He has developed excellent materials for training and reference that will develop the novice, improve the experienced, and refresh/refine even the expert. Scott’s methodologies are both creative and operational, and, as a bonus, he is delightful to work with. Scott has helped me greatly during the past three years to advance my company’s growth aims, even in a weak economy.”

Eric Henry
CM Partners LLC

Successs Coach Scott FrothinghamSpeeches  Seminars

If you’re looking for a fresh voice in today’s challenging business environment, then bring in Scott Frothingham to speak to your people. Scott’s speeches, seminars and workshops have been described by others as "relevant", "thought provoking", "no-nonsense", "practical", "change-inducing", "actionable", "challenging", "funny", "relevant", "useful" and "inspiring"! Scott’s FastForward Income™ approach for managers, salespeople and customer service reps will train, focus and motivate your people into an efficient team that uses proven techniques to sell and service clients.

Focusing on sales and marketing management and staff, Scott offers customized speeches, seminars and workshops on topics such as sales, personal success, and quality service.

If you are looking for fun, informative and interesting training or motivation, consider Scott Frothingham for your next seminar, workshop, leadership conference or keynote speech -- contact us today.


Biz 2 Biz: Back 2 Basics
Survival Selling in Tough Times
Breakthrough Presentations 
Building Brand YOU
Pro-Active Problem Solving

Personal Success

Harnessing the Power of Change
How to Get from Endings to New Beginnings
In One Ear and In the Other Listening Strategies
Action Versus Activity
Mistake Your Way to Success
Motivation Multiplication

Quality Service

Raising the Expectation Bar
Rebounding from Disaster
Why There is an Egg Before a Chicken
The Power of Customer Retention
What Customers Mean by Service 
From “OKAY” to “OH, WOW!”

"Scott Frothingham’s training programs are as good as it gets. His preparation is fastidious and complete, his visuals are crisp and concise and fact-filled. I’ve participated in Scott’s sessions on numerous occasions and simply never have been disappointed."

Greg Bone
Cape Cod Broadcasting

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With Scott’s proven marketing strategies and tactics, you'll save time and money, avoid mistakes and disastrous situations, and learn secrets other business owners only wish they knew.

Scott Frothingham’s unique insider expertise will help you develop an effective and efficient marketing plan focused on measurable results and then help you implement it quickly and maximize impact.

·   Assessment of your target market(s) and demographic(s)

·   Recommendations for specific marketing strategies and tactics that will generate measurable results.

·   Recommendations for internet marketing strategy (including social marketing, web design & copy, follow-up systems, viral marketing, search engine marketing,
e-mail marketing and more).

·   Recommendations for gaining mainstream media coverage.

·   Step-by-step blueprint for the implementation of recommendations.

If you are an entrepreneurial business owner or marketing executive and are ready to supercharge your marketing, contact us today (qualification interview required - Scott is available on a limited basis for marketing consulting projects).

"In 2002, I had an idea, but wasn't sure how to market it most effectively. Scott Frothingham's FastForward, no-nonsense, easy-to-understand approach, helped me to create my firm's marketing materials for complicated transactions in plain English. Over nine years and 160 additional clients later, I still use this valuable advice every day on every call."

Ted Hammerman
Intermediary Copyright Royalty Services


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Business Coaching & Consulting

Are you too busy working IN your business to work ON your business?

Scott Frothingham’s mission for entrepreneurial businesspeople: Working together, we can help you increase your net income while freeing you to focus on other high value initiatives or simply your quality of life.

From performing basic project management to providing complex strategy and business advice, Scott can assist you in meeting the challenge of an ever-changing business environment and help you produce a powerful increase in bottom-line performance.

· guide your business without getting sidetracked.

· stay focused on the highest priority needs.

· get to where you want to be.

Scott is recognized for his style of rolling-up his sleeves and directly addressing problems faced by entrepreneurial small- and mid-size businesses. He is most definitely not a "briefcase full of buzzwords" guy, offering straightforward objective advice that works; based on real-world, hands-on experience.

Unlike the big consulting firms who tend towards multi-month engagements and reams of charts, graphs and theoretical models, Scott and his team offer quick and affordable ways to identify hidden opportunities, organize them, prioritize them and develop real-world plans for supercharging profits.

If you are an entrepreneurial business owner or marketing executive and need help responding to a tough business environment, contact us today (qualification interview required - Scott is available on a limited basis for executive coaching and business consulting projects).


"I have the utmost personal and professional respect for Scott Frothingham and give him my highest recommendation."

Rusty Walker
Rusty Walker Programming Consultants

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